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Crafting in Minecraft – Available Recipes

Crafting in minecraft is one of the recipes available in playing this videogame. You also get to choose the game mode you want to play along with the various difficulty levels.

There are three different types of recipes found in crafting in minecraft, which are normal recipes, shapeless recipes and fixed recipes. Normal recipes are without any symbol, while intertwined arrows define shapeless recipes and fixed recipes are defined by exclamation mark on the crafting graphics.

You can choose from the list of recipes available to you for crafting in minecraft. Each recipe section would further be divided into various sections. These sections would include the name, the crafting recipe, its symbol, its ingredients and the description of it.

A quick list of recipe in crafting in minecraft includes: basic, block, tool, defense, transportation, combat mechanism, food, dye, wool, brewing, and miscellaneous recipes.

So what are these recipes used for crafting in minecraft?

Transportation as the name suggests is used to move around. There are different modes of transportation available and this also includes walking and sprinting. Ladders and pillars too form part of the transportation. They are used to climb up and down. Transportation means movement and thus time and speed too are taken into consideration in the game.

Then there is food recipe, a necessity for a player to stay alive in the game. When the player is in the survival mode he/she is required to have food on consistent basis. The chances of them dying due to hunger increases if they do not eat regularly. Like the durability number given to items, food too has its components given an amount. One is called the hunger level and the other is called the saturation level. Only the hunger level is visible to the player.

A sound of burp is sounded after a player eats a food item. Also when the hunger bar displays that it is full, the player cannot eat any food item except golden apples and milk. Detailed nourishment table it available for the players as a guide.

Another recipe in crafting in minecraft is tool. Tools basically are items with which various actions are taken. Tools are also used to collect things, which cannot be picked by hand. Axes, shovels, compass, shears, clocks are some of the tools available to players to chop wood, dig sand and snow, to show direction, and to show time respectively. Damaged tools make themselves available for repair work.

Want to create a recipe that would help you save life in the combat situation? Then try brewing in crafting in minecraft to help you achieve this. Potions and splash potions are a result of brewing technique with water being the base for making all the potions. Another important ingredient used of brewing is Nether wart, which is basically a plant. For efficiency purposes brew three potions at once, which can then be used when needed.

Overall there are 361 items that can be crafted and can then be used in the game for different situations.
Good ahead and craft these items and put them to good use!