Insider Tips and Tricks to Buying the Right Guide for All Gamers

With the holidays on us in full swing, you may be scrambling to get gifts for everyone in your family. Outdoorsy people are easy because you can just go to REI; fashion forward people you go to the mall; but what do you do for the people in your life who love technology and gaming? You can get them a cool new tech toy like a drone, or for the hardcore gamers, try getting them some books and guides to their favorite games. Before you do any shopping find out their favorite games and what console they play on, and follow these simple tips that we have come up with over the last handful of years.


Read Actual Reviews

You can find reviews all over the internet about practically anything. Gamer guidebooks are no different. The hard part is finding the honest reviews and the ones that are fake. Look over as many pages as you can and try to pinpoint which seem the most knowledged. Sift through the reviews and you can immediately eliminate some that are obviously fake. Read the rest of the reviews and do your best to differentiate between real gamers and internet trolls. These should give you a good starting point.


Shop Around

Don’t buy just any guide from Amazon or the local gaming store. Look around and see what is available and where. You may end up buying two or three books, so make your life easier and just do your shopping in one place. Usually if you spend enough at one online site, then you’ll get some extra perks like loyalty points or free shipping.


Get on Popular Gaming Message Boards

This may frustrate you a little, but try to find the best message boards for specific games, and just spend time reading. You don’t have to post anything yet because if you spend enough time looking around different threads, you’ll find a lot of your questions already answered. Once you feel a little more knowledged and comfortable, ask some questions. Make it clear that you are looking for a gift for a serious gamer, and chances are you’ll get help from some serious gamers. You will likely run into some unpleasant internet trolls that just try to make you feel stupid, but don’t pay attention to them; you’re there to get information, not make friends.


Use Youtube

YouTube is one of the best places to get good guide information because there are a lot of players sharing their knowhow. If you spend an hour or so on YouTube watching walkthroughs and paying attention, there is a really good chance you’ll hear the players mention certain books or guides. You may even be able to message them or leave a comment that they will personally respond. Just because they are a normal person on YouTube doesn’t mean they don’t know their gaming and how to help. Also, a lot of the YouTube experts do it for fun, not fame so you don’t have to worry about being chastised.